How to Get Bitcoins

1. Get at Wallet

To get Bitcoins, you will need to have somewhere to send them. In the same way that you need an email address to receive an email, you need a Bitcoin wallet address to receive Bitcoins. To get a wallet address you need to get a Bitcoin Wallet.

Go to our Bitcoin Wallet page to find a wallet that is right for you. They’re not all the same and come with their own benefits and possible disadvantages,  so it’s worth reading through the page to find one which is suitable for your needs.

Once you get a Bitcoin Wallet, you have a wallet address which you can use to get Bitcoins sent to you.

2. Order Bitcoins

Next, go to our Buy Bitcoins pageand fill out the form. You will need to enter your email address and the wallet address for your Bitcoin wallet.

Then enter the amount you want in Bitcoins or Dollars. You can tweak it back and forth until you are happy.

Hit “Next” and check that everything is okay with your order.

If everything looks good, confirm your order.

3. Make a Payment

You will then have 4 hours to pay for your order once it has been submitted.

We will send you an email with the payment instructions or you can print this out from the final page of the order process.

To pay for your order you will need to go to your selected bank, fill out a deposit slip with the payment details provided and pay by cash deposit. Remember to include your Order ID number as the reference as this will be used to match you payment to your order in our system.

4. Receive Bitcoins

We will generally send you your Bitcoins within two hours of receiving your payment, however it can sometimes take a little longer. All Buy Bitcoin orders are covered by our Buy Bitcoins Guarantee.

Once we have sent you your bitcoins you will receive an email from us advising that the bitcoins are on their way.

You can also track if your Bitcoins have been sent by going to: Enter in your wallet address and hit Go.