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About Bit Innovate

Bit Innovate Pty Ltd is an Australian owned company providing services for Bitcoin.

Our Buy Bitcoins and Sell Bitcoins service facilitates the purchase and sale of Bitcoins in Australia and New Zealand. This fast and easy to use local service, resolves the need for individuals to send money overseas to international Bitcoin exchanges, by providing a convenient and safe way to buy and sell bitcoins in Australia.

Bit innovate acts as a agent for the purchase and sale of Bitcoins. When you buy or sell Bitcoins on our site, we facilitate a connection between you and other buyers or sellers, for which we charge a small commission as quoted at the time of the transaction.


Bit Innovate is located in Sydney, Australia.

For more information about us and Bit Innovate, feel free to contact us via email at [email protected]

ACN: 160 135 035
ABN: 80 160 135 035

The Bit Innovate Team

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